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Places, Spaces

Bloesem Living | B.Instagood - Yewon Kim, Places & Spaces, from New York to Seoul

I love how Yewon captures the places she has been too! Gorgeous locations all catalogued on her instagram account!  


.. Follow Yewon on instagram
.. Bloesem and Zara S.  on instagram

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Carbon series

Bloesem Living | Carbon series by Frankwinnubst

By now you probably know my family and I spent the summer in Amsterdam… we were fortunate enough to stay two weeks in our own apartment as the tenant had moved out early... I have never been so happy to see a tenant move out as this was a great opportunity to do (yes, you have guessed it right…) just a bit of interior decorating… every year we try to add something new to our place and slowly but surely we are creating our own amazing little nest, trial and error, but ultimately exactly the way we like it.

Last year we had a big makeover done by our friends XandL, perhaps you remember that post? And this year we bought a new much smaller couch at Loods5, I think it fits perfectly in our living room and the best part is that you can use it as a super comfortable sofa bed too. 

Very happy I am with our new design piece ... the carbon sideboard 'Fien' (funny coincidence, Fien is my favorite girl name…if we were to have a girl that is, no plans at present…:)) by Dutch designer Frank Winburst. We also bought the bookshelf ‘Stan’ but haven’t had time yet to put it up ... next time when we are there! Christmas maybe…?

The Carbon series is a range of products constructed with carbon threads. The system is made by hand spinning a black carbon tread around MDF shelves and fixate them with epoxy resin, creating a lightweight but strong and stable construction.

The felt pillows are by Tas-ka and now also available in the Bloesem shop in Singapore.

More pictures after the break.

Bloesem Living | Carbon series by Frankwinnubst


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A Dessert for Every Season

Bloesem Living | A dessert for every season - Hot Baked Chocolate recipe

Words and desserts by Andrea Goh | Photography by Franz Navarrete | Art Direction by Hosanna Swee & Melody Tan

If I had to absolutely pick just one season, it would be Fall. I call it the season of inspiration. It is the most colorful season of the year, the best-dressed and a period where many fall in love. Caramelized pears atop a warm moist vanilla cake is one of the best comfort dessert to enjoy during autumn.

I dream of hot chocolate, the marigold flames of a (non-existent) fireplace whenever December arrives. When the thunderstorms hit as it often does during year end, I close my eyes and imagine that it is snow flurries, not raindrops that descend onto the ground. I will hustle over to the stove and whip up this easy-to-bake, decadent hot baked chocolate that is guaranteed to win over any chocoholics. It is best advised to enjoy this in your PJs and in the arms of a loved one. 

Hot Baked Chocolate (serves 2)

130g semi-sweet chocolate chips
45g butter
2 small eggs
2 tbspn caster sugar
Icing sugar, mint leaves and berries for decoration

1. Preheat oven to 180’C.
2. Melt chocolate and butter using the double-boiled method.
3. Whisk eggs and sugar in a separate mixing bowl till frothy.
4. Slowly pour in the melted chocolate mix into the whipped eggs.
5. Divide evenly into 2 ramekins and bake for 12 minutes or till the top forms a crust.
6. Sift icing sugar over, top with some fresh berries and a mint leaf and serve immediately. 

.. The Boke Effect

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Class Alert: The Art of Visual Storytelling

Bloesem Class ALERT | The Art of Visual Story Telling with Irene Hoofs: 12 Sept 2014 in Bloesem, Singapore

Class Alert: The Art of Visual Story Telling by Irene Hoofs

Racking your brain for creative content to post on your blog or social media platforms? Squeezing your creative juices dry to grow visitors on your corner of the Internet? Envying photos on blogs that look amazing, but don't have Photoshop skills at your fingertips? Fret no more, we have a class just for you!

Join us for a 4-hour crash course taught by our very own Irene Hoofs from Bloesem Blogs, where she will go over all the tips and tricks of how to create online content for your blogs or other forms of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Specifically catered to newbie bloggers, the class will split into two 2-hour sessions – theory and practice – for you to put your best foot forward online.

Irene Hoofs is the founder and editor of the Bloesem blogs where she share ideas for design, for leisurely pursuits, for creating soul-soothing interiors, for love of the handmade, for vintage appreciation and for the art of traveling. Over the years, Bloesem has grown into one of the most innovative and successful design blogs having won VT-wonen Best Life-style blogger award 2012, and ranked #13 for ‘The World’s Best 50 Design Blogs’ by the Times online... just to name a few! Irene is also the founder of Bloesem Kids, a blog for design-conscious parents to revel in the daily updates which include finds, crafting, cooking, fashion and occasional book reviews by Irene and other guest writers. Also widely reviewed, Bloesem Kids won #BeastBest award from Newsweek in 2013 in the Parenting category and was ranked numerous times on Babble.com in different categories.

Read on to find out more about the class..

Click here for the full story

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Somethings I liked this week

Bloesem Living | Link Love Friday: Fantastic frank does it again with this apartment in Berlin

I spy the Bococo cushions in this gorgeous apartment.. 

This vinyl sticker "headboard" ..

Tailor made food..

Beautiful hallway console by TuckBox

Ideas for your bedside nightstand..

Paper mobiles designed by Bruno Munari.. what inspiration..

Frangelico + coffee no-churn ice cream( and ice cream sandwiches)

DIY Rope magazine holder

This peforated leather tote..

Other than the wonderful watercolor and shibori classes that have been going on (what a great turn out!) we have also been wrapping up the second issue of the Bloesem Gazette! On stands soon... okay not stands but this issue will be available for download very soon! For our friends who reside in Singapore, you will be able to grab a copy soon. Xo, The Bloesem Team

Bloesem Living | Link Love Friday: Fantastic frank does it again with this apartment in Berlin

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We're in Stationery heaven

Bloesem living | We love stationery! RMM objects has everything you need for back to school and beyond!

It's not a surprise that we are all in love with stationery and going to the art store is just one of the best things yet. Rows and rows of craft supplies, paper and much more... heaven. RMM has everything that is anything under the broad category of stationery. From art books, to pencils, to calendars, even travel maps, and these paper lamps too which tecnically are homewares which they carry too! See they have everything. My favorite has got to be their annual calendars.. 2013's Owlendar is pure genius.. and 2014's calendar comes in the shape of a whale.. can't wait to see what they have in store for 2015 which is coming up really soon! The RMM collection is definitely worth checking out.

.. Shop the RMM objects

(Psst: They are having a Back to School sale)

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